kristen (starzofhope) wrote in iheartmybf,

hey everyone

well i havent posted here in a while cuz I've been doin a play.. "Scrooge" which opened this past Saturday so rehearsals have kept me busy along with work. so to update me & the bf I had when I first came here is no more cuz he just decided to not come visit me when he was down from college and he didn't even call me and just stopped talking to me but whatever. however a few weeks later I met John who goes to college in VA but he lives in NJ the rest of the time and he's like 20 minutes from me so its good. we met nov 5 and then hung out the next day then he went back to Va that Sunday and then the following week we started going out cuz it was like we were already so we just made it official. he's so great and he's hot too hehe so it's good. I've seen him everytime he's been here since we've been together so that's good too. He's coming home this Friday for Christmas break so hopefully I'll get to be with him a lot. o & I'm happy cuz this past Saturday was our 1 month anniversary :-)

so here's my question what should I get him for Christmas? do you think like a shirt or dvd or cd or a shirt and dvd/cd would be good? I mean since it's only been a month I'm not too sure. also I duno what to tell him I want.. I mean would it be ok to say like a necklace or sumthin? Or should I just go with a dvd or clothes or something? well thanks a bunch guys and I'll post as much as I can :)

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