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On New Year's I had dinner with David and his family, then we went to our friend's house for a new year's eve party. It was a lot of fun =) We kissed from 2004-2005! (11:59:58 - 12:00:01 lol) Underneath the two pictures I added part of a conversation I had with my best friend tonight. I thought it was really sweet of her to say lol

Us at Danielle's

Us and "the kiss"
In movies they have the girl's leg go up so did mine!

click for more pictures =)

Queenie: i agree w/ danielle
Queenie: u are a super couple
Me: aw--how so?
Queenie: pshh! come on! **** and ****** all seriousness they're fleeting....there is nothing to make it last b/c he is pushing it and they're both so self absorbed about the relationship...if one is unhappy they kiss up to each other....but u and dave...there's something there....u matured a couple as opposed to blaming the other for being unhappy...u made it through so many hard times that its incredible....u went over my expectation for any high school couple...well hes in college but w/e
Me: aw =)
Queenie: honestly tho
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